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Via PEOPLE: Inside Story: How Jaycee Dugard Finally Escaped Her Captor

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It was a mother’s intuition that finally rescued Jaycee Lee Dugard from the clutches of Phillip Garrido.

Kidnapped by Garrido and his wife, Nancy, in 1991 from the bus stop in front of her South Lake Tahoe home, Jaycee, now 29, lived, along with the two children she bore her rapist, in lean-tos and tents behind his Antioch, Calif., house for 18 years.

Jaycee’s fate finally changed on Monday, Aug. 24, when a University of California, Berkeley, female cop grew suspicious of Garrido after he came to campus with the two daughters, aged 15 and 11, looking for an event permit to distribute religious flyers.

“He was clearly unstable,” Lisa Campbell, 40, the UC Berkeley manager of special events said at a press conference late Friday. And her mother mode went into gear when she watched Jaycee’s 15-year-old stare “straight up in the air.”

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Via ABC NEWS: Meet Cop Who Helped Nail Alleged Dugard Kidnapper

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In an interview with ABC News, University of California-Berkeley Police Officer Ally Jacobs recounted the stunning details of the bizarre encounter that led her to unwittingly crack the 18-year-long kidnapping case of Jaycee Dugard.

Jacobs and Lisa Campbell, a UC-Berkeley staff member, met earlier this week with Phillip Garrido and the two young girls he is said to have fathered with Dugard. Little more than instinct led Jacobs to do the police work that freed Dugard from her alleged kidnapper of two decades.

On Monday, Garrido came to the police station in Berkeley’s Sproul Hall to discuss a special event he wanted to hold on campus. He briefly met with a staff member who coordinates special events on campus. She asked him to return on Tuesday for an appointment.

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Via CNN: Officers who cracked missing girl case: Something wasn’t right

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The University of California, Berkeley, police officer was sitting in on a meeting with a man named Phillip Garrido, who wanted to hold an event on campus, and Lisa Campbell, special events manager for the university police. Garrido brought along two young girls, introducing them as his daughters.

Jacobs’ and Campbell’s intuition, authorities said, led to the arrest of Garrido, a registered sex offender who along with his wife, Nancy, now faces 29 felony charges in connection with the 1991 kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard, who was then 11. Both have pleaded not guilty.

Police have said Garrido kept Dugard in a series of sheds in his backyard for 18 years, fathering two children with her — the 11- and 15-year-old girls he brought with him to the meeting.

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How Intuition Helped Save Jaycee Dugard | Oprah’s Lifeclass | Oprah Winfrey Network

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Oprah looks back at her interview with police officer Allison Jacobs and police specialist Lisa Campbell, women who used their intuition to help save Jaycee Dugard, a girl who was held captive by kidnappers for 18 years. Learn why Oprah says this story teaches us to listen closely to life’s whispers. For more on #lifeclass, visit

INTERVIEW: A Former Chicago Police Officer on the Firing of the Police Chief; Can Mayor Emanuel Keep a Lid on Chicago?

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From Background Briefing with Ian Masters: 

We begin with the firing of Chicago’s Chief of Police by Mayor Rahm Emmanuel only days after they held a joint press conference to announce the release of a videotape of a Chicago police officer shooting 17 year old Laquan McDonald 16 times. Lisa Campbell a 20 year veteran in law enforcement who grew up on the Southside of Chicago in a family of police officers amid a culture of gangs and gang violence, joins us to discuss Mayor Emanuel’s political failure to hold the police accountable while sitting on the incriminating video for 400 days, and the unsung heroes like Father Phleger who works to keep the peace along with Lorenzo Davis who was fired from Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority for not going along with the cover-up of six police shootings.

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