Police Shooting

Interview: July 11 – Both Sides of the Police and African American Divide; Is Putin Tipping the Scales for Trump?; South Sudan’s Leaders Resume the Fratricide

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From Background Briefing w/Ian Masters:

“We begin with the Dallas police chief’s remarks that society is asking too much of police officers expecting them to be mental health professionals, marriage counselors, dog catchers and school monitors. Lisa Campbell, who comes from a family of police officers and served 20 years in Law Enforcement joins us to discuss both sides of the issue as a female African/American police officer and someone who does not want see black brothers and sons gunned down by either the police or gangs. We discuss her new film “Shoot, Don’t Shoot”, a documentary that tries to bridge the gap by addressing the underlying issues leading to the escalation of violence by and against the police in urban communities like Chicago, Baton Rouge, St. Paul and Dallas.”

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