Via ABC NEWS: Meet Cop Who Helped Nail Alleged Dugard Kidnapper

By August 10, 2016Don't Shoot, Jaycee Dugard

In an interview with ABC News, University of California-Berkeley Police Officer Ally Jacobs recounted the stunning details of the bizarre encounter that led her to unwittingly crack the 18-year-long kidnapping case of Jaycee Dugard.

Jacobs and Lisa Campbell, a UC-Berkeley staff member, met earlier this week with Phillip Garrido and the two young girls he is said to have fathered with Dugard. Little more than instinct led Jacobs to do the police work that freed Dugard from her alleged kidnapper of two decades.

On Monday, Garrido came to the police station in Berkeley’s Sproul Hall to discuss a special event he wanted to hold on campus. He briefly met with a staff member who coordinates special events on campus. She asked him to return on Tuesday for an appointment.

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