There are two sides to every story. With over 20 years of experience in Law Enforcement, former Chicago Police Officer and Los Angeles Police Department Background Investigator Lisa Campbell, most known for solving the Jaycee Dugard case, jumps behind the documentary lens to utilize her unique background in the justice system to shed a light on the surge of violence in Urban communities. 
Shoot, Don’t Shoot offers a raw perspective on the recent shootings by and against the police, while digging deep into the pockets of the some of the countries most economically deprived communities to examine the escalating violence and the underlying issues that fuel it.
Shoot, Don’t Shoot meets with some of the nations most powerful and influential law enforcement officials to address the breakdown of community and police relations while giving an untold perspective of troubling current events that the world has been waiting for.


Via PEOPLE: Inside Story: How Jaycee Dugard Finally Escaped Her Captor

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It was a mother’s intuition that finally rescued Jaycee Lee Dugard from the clutches of Phillip Garrido. Kidnapped by Garrido and his wife, Nancy, in 1991 from the bus stop…

Via ABC NEWS: Meet Cop Who Helped Nail Alleged Dugard Kidnapper

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In an interview with ABC News, University of California-Berkeley Police Officer Ally Jacobs recounted the stunning details of the bizarre encounter that led her to unwittingly crack the 18-year-long kidnapping…

Via CNN: Officers who cracked missing girl case: Something wasn’t right

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The University of California, Berkeley, police officer was sitting in on a meeting with a man named Phillip Garrido, who wanted to hold an event on campus, and Lisa Campbell,…

Outside Kidz Productions is a full service media production company specializing in Documentary filmmaking, and Commercial Production. The company is the brainchild of Producer Lisa Campbell, who has given 10+ years to the entertainment industry in various capacities, before opening up the doors of Outside Kidz Productions to pursue her own goals as an independent filmmaker.

Writer/Director: Lisa Campbell
Executive Producer: Lisa Campbell
Producer: Lisa Campbell

This film needs to reach the system, and those the system are designed to protect and serve.

Comparable Films:

Fahrenheit 9/11:
Budget: $6 million
Gross: $222 million

Waiting for Superman :
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